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With Gratitude & Love 22

With Karen Wood...

A conversation with your subconscious is the fastest way to shift your life... 

Get past your trauma and emotional blocks NOW! 

Deep Healing Package


Are you finally READY to deal with the root cause of your trauma and move on to the life you deserve, a life that's aligned to your gifts and 'on purpose'?



Whether mental or physical, overcome a specific personal issue with rapid results by shifting your subconscious patterns, with hypnotherapy. 

Courageous transformations Awakening Inner Brilliance... 

Burdens which I had carried for eons and could never access, yet constantly bothered me, have lifted. My whole life has changed course in such amazing and dramatic ways since working with Karen...

Victoria Marriott

Sydney, Australia

WOW!!! Karen was the answer to my prayers, just when life felt like it couldn't deal me another blow, after years of mental trauma my life is now on such a positive new track....

Cath Montague

London, UK

For the first time I am no longer triggered by the usual things that would set off a wave of anxiety. I feel confident, strong and excited about my life and most of all grounded...

Christina Murphy

Sydney, Australia

A Safe Space...

Reconnecting to life can be hard.. Sometimes just knowing you are not alone is enough.. Join the Trauma Integration Community to share, learn and heal!

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